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Let me make music with you! Or, at the very least, let me capture your music! I’ve been recording since 2005 blah blah blah

hi. my name is adam, and i can’t help but make music. if you’d like to hear what drifts out of the squishy, pink matter contained within my noggin’, head on over to my soundcloud. if i could spend all the minutes within all the days making music, i would. but that don’t pay dem bills. i create and post when i can, but until i finally summon up the gumption to build a tiny house and move to nebraska on the cheap, i’ll only be able to do what i love most on occasion. sad, isn’t it? you likely also have a passion that won’t provide sustainance, so i know you feel me.

if you don’t let the fire die out, then i won’t either, k?

right on.